Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vita rolls on strong in Japan with 30K+, Muramasa selling well

Another good week in Japan for the Vita, selling another 30,000 plus consoles. This year in Japan the Vita has 336,059 sold compared to 202,504 last year. The lovely Oboro Muramasa is keeping the software sales ticking over with a decent performance of around 45,000. Also in the charts were St Madou Monogatari, Soul Sacrifice which is nearing 150,000 sales (over that according to Famitsu's numbers) and One Piece Pirate Warriors 2, which is over 70,000.

They were all topped by Fate Extra CCC on the PSP which was in No. 2 with 72,000 sales with Luigi's Mansion 2 holding onto the No. 1 spot with just over 110,000 sales. There are eight PSP games in Famitsu's top 30 compared to 4 Vita titles, which is a lot more than recent months, suggesting sales are getting a little stickier.

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