Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Soul Sacrifice reviews incoming, good but not great?

It's been so long since an important Vita game came up for review that I'd forgotten this bit, the inevitable dread as the scores come in. Soul Sacrifice is doing well if not great on the score front, probably averaging a 7.5 to 8, if I could be bothered to do the math.

At least the demo has helped actual game players and likely buyers decide if they'll like it, which is more important than any review. Note, most of the reviews don't cover multiplayer which is generally the main selling point for these games (certainly in Japan), so you might want to add a half-a-point to any that don't.

Godisageek 9/10
NowGamer 85%
ClickOnline 4/5
TwinFinite 4/5
IGN 7.7/10
EuroGamer 7/10
Games Radar 7/10

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