Friday, March 22, 2013

Killzone Mercenary weapons and MP test, sounding good

OPM magazine has had a pretty in-depth play with the latest version of Killzone Mercenary from Guerrilla Cambridge and reports in with a three-page preview, including a neat description of some of the weapons we'll get to play with (and interact with via touchscreen controls):
We’ve tested four of the total eight: the Ion Cannon is your air strike, zooming out into the obligatory thermal drone cam and letting you tap enemies on-screen to rain death down on them. Do make sure to burrow away somewhere safe, though, before activating it – there’s nothing more satisfying than swipe-knifing a prolific bomber. The Cloak does exactly what you’d expect, for a short period. The Porcupine is a lot of fun, flagging up enemies on-screen and dismantling them with rockets as quickly as you can touch them (a Helghast twist on whack-a-mole). But the spoils really belong to the Mantis Engine, a brutal drone mounted with nightmarish death scissors used to pop enemies’ heads like angry teenage zits.

Read the rest of the article here. Multiplayer sounds good too.
Multiplayer is no less absorbing for being portable, and will easily arrive as Vita’s best online shooter. It packs eight-player battles over six maps and three modes – including the multiple-objective-based Warzone from Killzone 2 and 3. I got to grips with Shoreline in a four-on-four deathmatch. Half tunnels for close-quarters shooting, and half terrifying open space, it successfully channelled us all out of our cosy hiding places by dropping Vanguard weapons in the exterior half every few minutes.

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