Saturday, February 2, 2013

Starlight Inception drops a developer update and new art

The Vita's first Kickstarted game and space combat sim, Starlight, is progressing nicely with the developers dropping a new update to backers (I.e., me). Here's a bit from it.

We have no risks currently on the Production side that are jumping out. Art is several months ahead now with our enlarged staff, programming is on track, the fly patrol mode is integrated and working (more on that in Gameplay), and we have a complete level that we are currently refining. Multiplayer will need another pass to correct any bugs we introduced with new features, but it was very stable before we started, and so we are optimistic about the state of that part of the game. Starting this month, we will be aggressively developing the rest of the single player levels in the game and taking them to Alpha status.


We did a new pass on the front end UI for the game, and have been working to give it a nice clean look while still being uniquely Starlight. We should have a screenshot of that next month once we’re more final on those revisions.

Still refining the in-game HPUD (HoloPanoramic Display) for the spacefighters, and looking at what it will take to get cockpits to work. The biggest issue with cockpits right now is getting them to be big enough on screen to make a difference in gameplay, while not taking up the entire view. This is definitely a work-in-progress. The first-person camera toggle actually is a fun experience, and gives you the feeling that you are really sitting in a fighter.

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