Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wakey, wakey! Its Wake Up Club on the Vita

This is out now on the US PSN, hopefully we get it this week or next, but the app has been tingling my spider senses since it was announced in Japan. With trophies to win, what could be more socialising than beating your friends to the punch, when it comes to getting up. From the US PSN blog:
As soon as your alarm goes off, your avatar will begin bouncing around the PS Vita touchscreen. Tapping your avatar lets other players know you’re now awake. Once in the virtual club room, you can see other players’ avatars, as well as who’s awake and who’s still sleeping. Tapping the sleeping players’ avatars will “cheer” them on. If you happen to keep snoozing though, you’ll notice that the rest of the Wake-up Club players will begin appearing on your screen.
I don't normally do trophy lists, but here's what you can get for turning your Vita into an alarm clock, I guess those averse to wake-up calls won't be winning many of these.

Get This Party Started (Gold)
 The first time all members in the Wake-up Club have successfully woken up (1)
Morning Master (Silver)
 The Wake-up Club has successfully woken up 30 times in a row
The Ring Leader (Silver)
 Successfully wake up a total of 200 times
Awesome (Silver)
 Members Wake-up Club succeeded 365 times (3)
Master Yodel (Bronze)
 Cheered on other members over 2000 times
Team Player
 Joined the Wake-up Club more than 365 times
Best of the Best
 Took first place in the Wake-up Club 30 times
Let the Games Begin
 Wake up using Wake-up Club
Alarm Union Square
 Your Wake-up Club has succeeded
Quick Draw
 Fastest wake up time is better than 3 seconds
In Circles
 Made a friend request via the Wake-up Club (2)
Counting Sheep
 Checked out 11 other members' profiles


  1. Such a simple Vita app/game but yet soo satisfying. Love cheering on members of wake up club cause to me it's that annoying little brother or sister who comes in your room and starts bouncing on your bed at 6 am. Lol

  2. Is this out in UK I carnt find it mate