Monday, January 21, 2013

Vita top of Japan's most-wanted list

In a shock, but wierdly logical move (if you think about it), now that everyone in Japan owns a 3DS, the Vita is coming to the fore as the top gadget that gamers want, according to a Famitsu poll, and almost double those who want a shiny new Wii U:

PS Vita - 64.0%
3DS - 48.2%
Wii U - 33.8%
PS3 - 25.2%
PC - 14.4%
Xbox 360 - 10.6%
Smartphone - 10.0%
PSP - 9.6%
Wii - 9.0%

Take the numbers at face value, but they offer a glimpse of hope to Sony and may explain the company's reluctance for a price drop. Of course, those gamers voicing their opinion may just be waiting for that drop to happen, we'll see.

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