Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Imaginstruments beats up your Vita for free

Sanuk Games did a fun little drum title for the PSP as a mini some years ago, and now they're back with a free synth creator for the Vita. Its a pretty simple, but effective, affair, move some sliders up and down the main screen to create drum and keyboard patterns, pick a key and tempo, and add your own effects and melodies.

If anyone can recreate the theme to Street Hawk or Automan on it, then I'll be truly impressed, and you should put it on YouTube!

With six virtual instrument tracks to choose from, you can bring each sound into the mix and start creating some unique grooves. Once you’ve got your track locked down, switch to the bass channel and combine four bass sounds to give your tune some funk, then twist your basslines up with a selection of effects and filters.

  • Bring six instrument tracks into the mix: a kick drum, a snare drum, a hi-hat, a cymbal and two keyboard melodies. 
  • Add bass sounds and twist them up with a range of effects. 
  • Adjust the key and tempo to suit your musical style.
  • Just a 60MB download

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