Monday, January 28, 2013

Does Sony have a cunning Vita relaunch plan?

I'm shooting the breeze on this one, but it seems to me that even though January is often a dead zone for games, Sony has been pretty mute when it really should be trumpeting the Vita loud and proud beyond the January sales. Doing so, with marketing based around the free PS+ games, would help clear old stock bundles and gain some momentum. What's not helping is all the prices (certainly on Amazon) drifting back up.

Okay, Killzone Mercenary news is drifting out soon, but the new yet-to-be-announced Vita games in 2013 are shrouded in silence. Not a peep, nor a chirp. That could be because there aren't any, which is a grim suspicion, especially for third parties. However, a little more likely and hopefully, is Sony is coordinating a major relaunch, presumably after next month's Destination PlayStation event.

That's when Sony will tell retail partners what its plans are, and after that things should ramp up for the early Easter sales at the end of March. Sure, Sony won't have a magic sack of new titles for that period, but if it can lay out an attractive list of games coming over the year, and the tease of a nice price cut, then, perhaps, the Vita wagon will get rolling again.

Aside from the unannounced games, expect some more Japanese games to head our way, and perhaps the Gaikai service. But, beyond those, what is missing from Sony's roster aside from the obvious like Gran Turismo and Capcom's Monster Hunter, any thoughts?

As for the the hardware, my hunch is a redesigned 4G model featuring a full-phone mode (at least in Japan) bundled with a special edition of PSO2 and perhaps even a full Android OS mode, perhaps when PSM proves not to be the goldmine Sony was hoping for.

UPDATE: Guessing with the news on a new Sonic game,  Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway and repeated tweets from Sony insiders hinting at home big things to come in February:

However, the hot news of the PS4 being revealed could well see the Vita squashed under a snowball of media interested in the next, next big thing.

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