Monday, January 28, 2013

American PS+ users getting Ninja Gaiden Sigma Free

Having seen lots of Americans moan about how good Europe's PS+ offering is, they get the one game I'd really like to try but haven't got round to picking up. Hopefully Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus will come our way next month, to help boost the launch of the sequel, which looks pretty sharp.

They also get Madden a little on the cheap side, which would be appreciated here too. But on the whole you have to say the European PS+ deals look the better offering for any long-suffering Vita owner, or for anyone who picks one up and finds five or six free games available off the bat.

If only Sony were marketing the bountiful supply of free games to the world, maybe some more people would buy the Vita. Hopefully that'll be part of Sony's relaunch plans. The US is also getting buy a year's PS+ get three months free.

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