Monday, December 10, 2012

Need for Speed cheap on Amazon UK

UPDATE: If you're reading this, then you missed out as the price seems to have gone back up to £29. Although it could always come down again soon.

I hope you're as fed up as I am with all these cheap Vita game deals from American sites that are flooding Twitter. Handily, it looks like the U.K. is catching up, with Need for Speed the first for a price cut, if you haven't picked up this gem of a Vita racing game, it is now going fairly cheap on Amazon for £23. (UPDATE: Same price on GAME's website, seems to be a coordinated sale).

Interestly, Origin is selling the PC version at 50% off, but that's for today only, so I'm not sure how long this offer will last. I'll post any other Vita bargains I come across, if you see any though, please comment here, or let me know on Twitter.

UPDATE: I also spotted Sega's Super Monkey Ball for £13, try the PSN demo first to see if you like it.

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