Wednesday, November 14, 2012

High quality video of Black Ops Declassified on Vita

With the first reviews in the gutter, commenters up in arms, and the price too high by any reasonable standard, I'm guessing many of us are waiting for a better look at Activision's portable shooter. This could be that look (ramp it up to full HD), but take the opinions voiced (although they sound solid enough) with a the usual grain of salt.

I'm still battling through Assassin's Creed III Liberation to worry about this right now, and might just wait until its cheap, but it doesn't look or play as bad as the reviews sound. My main fear is now that Nihilistic has gone mobile, we won't see any extra DLC for Declassified which would help keep gamers coming back and expand what sounds like quite a small set of gaming arenas.

My biggest hope is Activision passes the engine onto to a new developer who can go away and make their own story, in their own time and come up with a game worth that money.

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