Friday, November 23, 2012

Amazon UK's Black Friday PS Vita deal hits tonight

Get ready for it... Amazon will be throwing a PS Vita deal into the Black Friday sales this evening, a smidge before 9:00 PM. If you haven't got one yet, this will be the deal to get, perhaps similar to the U.S. Assassin Creed Bundle with free PS+ 3 months deal (making it a five game bundle in effect).

The UK deal is currently hidden, its the last one on the PC & Video Games list....

There haven't been any Vita games in the sale (that I've noticed) despite the likes of the Sonic All-Stars being discounted on Xbox and PS3. Keep checking though. I know I'm preaching largely to the converted here, but if a friend has expressed an interest in the Vita nudge them this way!

UPDATE: Okay, the deal was a PS3, PS Vita and PlayStation All-Stars for £329 which was pretty decent, it sold out in seconds, and I'll shout if I see it come round again. 

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