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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shoot Many Robots nixed for PS Vita, a microcosm of its problem

This isn't exactly news, but I was tidying up the release schedule when I came across an odd title in the list. A quick check on the progress of Shoot Many Robots revealed that the developer can't find a publisher to get it on the Vita. That's despite Ubisoft having put it out on Xbox and others.
Forum Q: Seems like porting SMR to the Vita would be a no-brainer—the game would be a great fit for the platform.
Forum A: Agreed! But it isn’t happening any time soon. We’d have to get a publisher to fund the project and right now there aren’t interested parties :[
That sounds like a microcosm of the Vita's problems now, even though Ubi brought a decent number of games to launch, it is looking for guaranteed big hitters (AC III) and nothing else, at least until the Vita has sold a few million units.

Games that have a modest fan base, or would widen the number of titles aren't getting a look in. While its unlikely that anyone would buy a Vita just for SMR, what other gems aren't being picked up that could help do some good?

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