Friday, October 19, 2012

Criterion boasts it crammed the entire PS3 game of NFS Most Wanted onto the Vita.

In a new PSN blog post, Criterion says of the Vita version:

PS Vita represents a huge step for us. We managed to crowbar the entire PlayStation 3 game onto the system. Almost all the races and events, the online play (albeit with four players rather than eight) and the massive open world is right there in the Vita version, plus a few more that are exclusive to the system. That’s pretty cool on its own, but everything you do on your PS Vita copy earns you Speed Points, inching you closer to that top spot on your friends Most Wanted list.

Sounds pretty good to me, wonder if it will get a bundle too? UPDATE: A Criterion Q&A moves "entire" down to about 98%, as some events were too long for the Vita, but have been replaced with exclusive content. Not bad at all.

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