Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not another PS Vita rival, but oh so pretty, meet the new Neo Geo

Tis the season for new (and old hardware) we've seen the new Sony Xperia tablet, the gaming WikiPad gaming tablet and now a new handheld. Actually the Neo Geo X was unveiled last month but now has a firm release date of 6th December.

Neo Geo consoles and games were always pricey,  remember those £120 Neo Geo carts, but this really takes the biscuit, close to 20,000 yen (£160) just to play old-school games? Then again, it comes with 20 games pre-loaded and a store to get more.

The units boasts a 1GHz CPU, Linux OS, a 4.3" display running at 480x272 resolution. It has 128MB flash memory, 2GB storage and space for SD cards with HDMI out (so still better than the Vita in some ways).
Or, you could just buy your King of Fighters and Metal Slug games off PSN for £5 each. I'm not sure if new games will be developed for it, but as a gaming curio this is pretty much a must have.

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