Friday, September 21, 2012

Gravity Daze set for a sequel according to Director's hints

Having just picked up the Tokyo Game Show "game of the year" award, Sony should be pretty pleased with the efforts of Japan Studio. And if a game does that well, you can expect a sequel can't you?

Now this is a surprise, I'd figured any new Gravity Daze sequel would be a PS4 launch game to bring some new(ish) IP to the console. But it looks like the Vita might get another round of Kat's adventures. Comments from Director Keiichiro Toyama are that "he'll do his best on the sequel, but it’s a secret,” when discussing his next title.

Hopefully we'll visit whole new cities rather than be revisiting the same old places, and they'll be able to boost the colour palette a little to make it feel like a new game, not that the original isn't a thing of grace and beauty.

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