Wednesday, September 19, 2012

God Eater 2, Valhalla Knights headed to Vita

Sony's early-morning, wake-up call, and TGS event went off today and while it offered few "wow" moments there were plenty of neat bits of Vita news. Top of the list is a lot of due-on-PSP games are moving to the Vita including Namco's impressive-looking God Eater 2 and an uprated Valhalla Knights game from Marvelous.

PlayStation Plus will be hitting the Vita in November at $49.99 for a year. The Vita itself is getting new colours in Japan, a neat red and blue edition. The new PS3 was unveiled, and Sony promise greater connectivity between the two in future.

Soul Sacrifice has slipped to next year, but there will be a demo soon. Marvelous is also bringing something called Oboromuramasa while Koei are bringing out something called Toukiden, developed by the folks behind the Dynasty Warriors series.

Pics coming soon.

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