Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sunflowers to bloom in the Autumn on PS Vita

I was hoping to hear more about this French developed title at Gamescom, but after a fairly substantial silence, it has popped up on the PSN blog with some more details about the portrait-oriented horticultural fest. 

Whether you prefer taking care of your flower collection (you’ll come across 330 flowers among the two different worlds), or beating the highest-scores (from one of the six Leaderboards), there are plenty of ways to enjoy SunFlowers.
When Sony presented us the PS Vita at the beginning of 2011, we definitely thought that SunFlowers was a perfect fit for this console so we kept the display as is, just as it was originally designed in the early concept. 
Every world is split into seasons, where specific weather happenings occur — you will need to use the PS Vita’s various features to get rid of them. For instance, during autumn some unexpected falling leaves cover your flowers — lightly shake your PS Vita to make them go away.

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