Monday, July 9, 2012

Which Vita developers are still MIA?

Remember that huge list of PS Vita (NGP at the time) developers that Sony showed off at the proud unveiling back in January 2011? Where are they now? This piece is a work in progress as I try and track down some answers. This is the original list. Here's who is missing in action, some 18 months later. Note, that's those with no sign of a project underway (based on quick searches due to the size of the list, apologies if any information is inaccurate, corrections welcome):

North America
Epic Games (Unreal Engine doesn't count)
High Voltage Software (Zone of the Enders HD, is it or isn't it?)
Paramount Digital Entertainment (Star Trek?)
Powerhead Games
Trendy Entertainment (Dumped Dungeon Defenders)
Capybara Games

Eurocom Developments
Impromptu Software
Rebellion (were rumoured to be working on a project).
Rockstar Games (one day, likely GTAV City Stories or similar)
Team 17 Software (not even a Worms game, sad face)

Arika Co. Ltd.
Dimps Corporation
TOMY Company Ltd.
TOSE Co. Ltd.
Yuke's Co. Ltd. (see THQ)

Some from the original list have gone bust (Gusto, possibly IREM, among others) in these tough times. I'm trying to get in touch to find out what's going on from those listed above (where you can find a frikking contact). Below are those who were the obvious absentees at the time, and updates on any progress:

id Software (nothing yet)
Bungie (now free from Microsoft, but unlikely to leave big consoles)
Blizzard (moving to consoles but not Vita by the look of it)
EA (Gave us FIFA Football, with Madden and NFS to come)
THQ (Turned down WWE 13 for Vita)
Ready At Dawn (there were rumors, but no GoW Vita, yet)
Gearbox (want someone else to do Borderlands 2)

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