Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Special Report on vast cleavage for PS Vita

There's no getting around these, one of the key selling points for Special Reporting Division, the Vita's journo-adventure from Nippon Ichi, is the massive cleavage of star presenter Chika Murase. She's the one who will air your stories that you research, conduct interviews for and make into reports for the TV news.

This level of fine-language interaction makes me wonder if this one will make it to the west. I love the idea of hacks breaking big news stories, but this sounds like a lot of effort to translate.

The game has the usual array of quirky characters beyond the improbably proportioned Chika, with producers to keep happy, back room staff and the many people involved in the stories you'll be reporting on.

Andriasang has more pics.

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