Monday, July 9, 2012

Sega confirms Phantasy Star Online 2 for 2013 western release

Sega will confirm today that PSO 2 will hit western PCs and Vitas in 2013, with the PC version arriving in early 2013. The Vita version will launch in Japan around then, so we may be looking at a summer launch for that version. The press release has been leaked but is due soon, the video will appear here soon.

Phantasy Star Online 2’s features include:
  • Deep sci-fi fantasy universe filled with lush landscapes, extraordinary creatures, and epic adventures
  • Revolutionary real-time combat and third-person action with devastating combos and counters to master
  • Flexible, class-based leveling system that lets players define their own play-style with distinctive melee, ranged, and magic weapon types
  • Randomized dungeon maps and unexpected mid-quest encounters that ensure each quest is different for each player
  • Deep character creation system with a nearly limitless number of potential appearances
  • Three degrees of humanity to experience across three unique races: the versatile Humans, spiritually-powered Newmen, and artificial CAST

The official website will appear here, but currently links to your local Sega site.

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