Monday, July 23, 2012

Real Boxing to be shown at Gamescom, with Oscar-winning MoCap

I first mentioned Polish firm Vivid Games and its upcoming Vita titles a while back. The company now has news that it will be showing Real Boxing at Gamescom, and ahead of the show explains some of the technology used to make it "real." The game will be unveiled at Gamescom, so expect more news then.

In Real Boxing (also coming to smartphones) we are aiming for the highest visual quality. To achieve such a demanding goal, we decided to use the most advanced technology and to cooperate with the finest specialists. In the process of development we will utilise Unreal Engine 3, and the animation will be created by Dash Dot Creations, one of the best animation studios in Poland. In order to provide highly realistic experience we used motion capture sessions at Alvernia Studios, the same place that seen the process of preparing the animations for such games as: Witcher 2, Bullet Storm and Dead Island.

During the mocap sessions, Alvernia Studios uses the newest technology by Vicon – awarded the technological Oscar for its proprietary MoCap system. with 24 Vicon T160 16mpix cameras that operate at 120 frames/sec. They allow us to capture shots with up to six actors simultaneously. No word on the company's other Vita game, Bright.

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