Tuesday, July 24, 2012

God Eater 2 rises again in Japan

I wondered why there were a lot of searches for this yesterday. Japanese magazine Famitsu has a splashy look at the game which had gone quiet in recent months. Now it is back with a style overhaul and Namco is also promising a big surprise for the end of August, a Vita or 3DS version being the most likely options (or perhaps they'll drop the silly "s" in the Gods Eater western versions, assuming it gets here).

Hunting down the mag scans now, as the official site hasn't been updated at all this year. Here's some earlier stories on the game. But ignore the art style as this has apparently been changed to make it less Final Fantasy-esaque.

 UPDATE: Here's the text of the interview (via Google translate). The magazine isn't out until Thursday so scans of the page art and screens could turn up anytime.

Summarising what I get from the interview:

  • Still on for an Autumn release, 
  • New look and feel, new characters coming, 
  • Over 100 arts, 
  • More NPCs  with improved interaction

Further Update: Andriasang has had a look through the Interview and done a slightly better job of translating the salient points.
Interview with director from producers and Yoshimura Y. Tomizawa.

The lack of information is not to have worried users. Our motto was just do not talk about anything. That communication was a painful situation

Gil: To meet the expectations of the user, it was necessary for a lot of trial and error

Gil: this period was a fierce day-to-day work. I want you to feel that the direction of evolution met users expectations, teamed had repeatedly broke. The idea is exceeded, and to meet the expectations in the new concept is hung. But that you are scheduled to be released in 2012, The new concept takes itself a little more towards the realization of development. I want you to expect the trend to early fall is also available so that a big surprise

Gil: Brad arts system to evolve into powerful mortal in nature and are using the action. Become mortal and go with the technique, we are strengthening to the next stage and knock down more Brad arts are also set to Action. Brad Arts is one character to master, with Buster blade things to remember is to be used in a weapon which

Gil: Not only weapon, that can grow their own player Gil limitations: acquisition between categories weapon is not to learn the skills of the other When you return to the branch even in the special technique branch able to

Gil: The total number of well over 100 arts Brad Gil Prereq: Brad arts is displayed only possible to learn next. Although some necessary arms, one hand basically to learn.

 I know that you are using a special technique in multiplayer fellow also becomes important. It was Bando everyone, it became possible to demonstrate individuality in GE

Gil: Communication wants to occur or have been using the technique fellow does not know at all ... etc. Gil: Digimon with over 100 although , I would like to propose a new multiplayer it makes sense to spear embedded player, also a rookie that fun. Details at a later date.

NPC is a significant presence for the GE series, enjoy Chara episode the process or to enhance the same to remember Brad Arts.

Gil: Since the positioning Blood Arts of NPC that, to grow in the experience of the episode, action anti-player Restraints that do not If you do not there is no come to propose a mission from the NPC at a certain time.
Gil: The main scenario is independent, be forwarded when your favorite character to sub NPC in the sense of previous work: Gil have prepared the episode.

 This is the main and sub-classification that is not Gil: Why did you suffered a new beret illustration Alisa has been announced today, may have a secret screen in the photo?

Character models are adjusted by the policy to be represented in the game illustrations

Gil: we are looking at the graphics in response to the reaction in TGS2011 was a concept the previous model that you want to enrich the expression of feeling was adjusted so many parts are not transmitted the new element are provided on many factors, not just this yet. Since you will also evolved mission, I want you to look forward to further news, including new characters.

Oriignal Japanese interview text here, if you want to try other translation tools, or can read it yourself.

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