Friday, July 13, 2012

Battle Farm furrowing on your PS Vita

Okay, get ready to go to war, down on the farm. A Russian developed game, from Russo-bit M, it combines the oldest pursuits of horticulture and fighting in one game, offering:

  •  Three climatic zones, more than 40 different buildings, factories and other farm buildings, a huge selection of plants and animals. 
  • The ability is to harm your neighbors, to steal and spoil the crops of other farmers, disable their factories. 
  • More unique farm tools for more effective control and protection from competitors: mines, signal towers with guards, fences of barbed wire and machine guns. 
  • Play with your friends and prove to everyone that you`re the best farmer and know how to deal with competitors.
There's a video you can only see on the site, here. Not really sure about this one, it looks like a slow Facebook converted to Vita, but it could appeal to some, expect a release during the summer.

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