Monday, June 11, 2012

Free student-developed games coming to PS Vita in Japan

In Europe, Sony made some vague mutterings about making Vita dev kits available to smaller developers, but there's been little proof of any return. In Japan, Grasshopper did it right, giving free kits to schools and letting them take part in a well-publicised contest. 

The results of that event are now in and the top five of those games will go up on Japan's PSN store as free games, and great adverts for the CVs of those who created them. Andriasang has the details and snaps from each of the games. 

While mostly puzzle titles, and not great gaming innovations. As a project to raise the profile of the Vita, get students coding and win some love for the handheld, it wins hands down and would have been good to see Sony Europe or a larger developer doing something similar. 

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