Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Bargains: FIFA Football for Vita down to £25 on Amazon

Not sure when the price changed, but I think it was still £29.99 last week. However, if you've held out on picking up FIFA Football for the Vita, it is now £25 from Amazon, and probably cheaper elsewhere. This is likely due to the announcement and pre-order availability of FIFA 13.

Glued to the upper echelons of the Vita chart since launch, this looks cracking from the demo but I was never really tempted by the £45 ticket, and got Uncharted with my Vita bundle. A tiny nudge on this price and its a game I think every Vita owner should have.

If you're after a Vita bargain, GameCollection has Army Corps of Hell for £12.95 and ShopTo.Net has Ninja Gaiden Sigma for £19.99. Let us know if you spot any others. As the Vita heads towards the arrival of its second batch of major launches, to encourage more uptake, expect to see a "Best of..." range arriving sooner rather than later.

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