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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Enjoy some new tunes with Hatsune Miku on Vita

Sega has just put up a new video with snippets from a host of the new tracks from singing goddess, Hatsune Miku to promote her Diva F game, hitting stores in Japan next month.


Even if the game doesn't get a western release, it should be easy enough to import and enjoy as Miku and her friends get their groove on on-stage and in various locations around the world. With the custom white PS Vita bundle and AR features, this is going to be huge. UPDATE: A new story lists some 30 songs and 80 costumes in the game, with the music being all new, and the costumes presumably rewards for hitting all the right notes.

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  1. Great job with the news! i really apreciate your blog thanks ^^