Friday, June 1, 2012

PS Vita finally getting a YouTube app this month

What do people use the Web for? Browsing, social and YouTube. What did Sony's PS Vita ship with? A shit browser, passable Facebook and Twitter apps but no YouTube, despite years of PSP users demanding one. Sony says it will come with all the standard YouTube comments, likes, search and so forth. The only pic I can find is the Japanese one, expect a western news piece today, more pics on AS.

Expected at the end of June, it'll play high-quality videos to do justice to the Vita's screen and be one less reason to need the feeble Music Unlimited app, even better if it does background play. It'll also save having to go through that neat, but time consuming workaround that's spamming the PS Vita twitter searches right now. Between this and the more socially-interactive Nico Nico app, looks like the Vita will have a video-filled summer.

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