Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PlayStation Plus coming to PS Vita at E3

Sony wants more of your money. The greedy bastards not only expect us to pay for Sony's Music service, since the company won't put Spotify or LastFM on the Vita. To rent or buy movies, since U.K. Vitas don't have Netflix yet and now it is "offering" us PlayStation Plus.

That's fine for the PS3, which has masses of content to give away on a monthly basis, but the Vita is rather bereft of games right now. So, what can Sony offer? Well, we'll find out at E3, the move to cloud gaming might be an positive move, if the Vita can handle it. But the main reason folks sign up is for the free games and apart from an army of old PSP and PS One titles (which we can't currently play, something else Sony needs to announce at E3), then there's little to tempt us.

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