Thursday, May 10, 2012

No money in PSN minis? Hungry Giraffe breaks the 100,000 mark

Sure, that's nothing on those world-dominating aggressive avians, but the Laughing Jackal-developed PSP mini has done PSN proud, notching six figures of downloads since its February launch. The game is now moving over to the fertile pastures of the iPhone where it can hopefully notch up more huge numbers and help the company to grow further, bringing more joy to the PSN scene.

The critically acclaimed Giraffe release followed on from the cool OMG-Zombies and the classic revisits to the realms of the Fighting Fantasy books. Those and other minis from LJ have helped fill the time between those increasingly rare full PSP releases, and are still helping out as the Vita struggles to hit full speed, go try them now!

Hungry Giraffe and the recently released (on PS Plus) Velocity from FuturLab show what a little creativity can do. Here's hoping the talents behind these games find the Vita similarly enticing to work on.

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