Friday, May 25, 2012

Jet Set Radio Grinding to the PS Vita

Here's one for the Dreamcast fanbase, cel-shaded skating and graffiti game JSR is coming to the Vita with touch functions and uprated HD graphics this summer. The game was scheduled for an Xbox and PS3 release, but clearly the Vita has the chops to handle this quirky blast from the recent past.

From the release, "Jet Set Radio is an updated version of the celebrated SEGA Dreamcast original, featuring upgraded HD visuals paired with the original funky soundtrack that rocked the ears of gamers worldwide in 2000. The PlayStation Vita’s unique features provide new ways for gamers to interact with the environments of Tokyo-to, from touch functionality that makes spraying graffiti more natural to Vita camera integration. Jet Set Radio for PlayStation Vita is a handheld version that loses nothing in the way of content or experience in comparison with its console and PC brethren."

These Vita screenshots show off the game to good effect, it still looks highly distinctive even some 12 years after the original arrived on the Dreamcast. Now if we could get a decent version of Crazy Taxi, all will be well with the cosmos.

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