Thursday, May 17, 2012

Imageepoch's Sol Trigger gets slight delay, demo in July

What looks like the final big, big PSP title, Sol Trigger from Imageepoch has been pushed out to October due to the quantity of games swamping its original release slot in August. However, to tide gamers over, a demo will be available in Japan to tease the JRPG to fans.

A little more detail and a couple more pics over on Andriasang. Also shuffling its launch date is Akiba's Trip Plus, the updated vampire-stripping combat game (saying that never gets old) which is now out in early June and should be yet another big seller for the PSP and Acquire.

While fewer PSP original games will get developed, expect herds more RPGs to get updated from PC, PS One and other formats in Japan. With those, plus the endless Anime games, and a few more sequels, the little handheld should still have a year or two more in it, especially if Sony drops the price further or starts shipping the cheaper E1000 model over there.

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