Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend News: Facebook Update, Miku's Million, Starlight Inception's Cash Drive

Was out most of the weekend, so catching up:

Hit the update button on Facebook's start page to leap to v1.01. You can then upload your PS Vita's photos and screenshots to the service. Please don't annoy your friends with every single achievement and high score, or cool trick. Another small step in the Vita become a viable general "device".

Talking of apps, it looks like Skype will  be with us by the end of April, according to a comment on the Sony forums somewhere. If so, it adds communications to the Vita and is a far bigger step in making it a "device", at which point you wonder if it really is just a games machine any more? UK users are still waiting for Netflix, but what other apps do you want on your Vita?

Sales and Potential

Over in Japan, the Diva Hatsune Miku series, largely powered through PSP sales has reached the million mark, and with a new PS3/Vita game to come, should rack up a few more for Sega.

Starlight Inception, (latest art above) a space combat game being developed a LucasArts old-hand, which appears to be the Vita's first crowd funded title, is now over the $30,000 mark, one-fifth of the way to its target with 22 days to go. Please help support the project if you can - you get the game for free if you give $15 or more.

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