Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spike bringing CONCEPTION: Please Have My Babies to western PSPs

Okay, that's obviously the Japanese name for this dungeon crawler (which is released in Japan today), and it will be getting a new one for the western audience. Despite the gynaecological references, the game is all about a high school student who was taken to a parallel universe called Granvania.

UPDATE: You can download the PSP demo (in Japanese, obviously) for Conception from our friends over at PSPDemoCenter.

Granvania was facing a crisis, invaded by Kegare (demonic creatures) who arose from the disorder of the stars. The player will be treated as Marebito or messiah in Granvania. The adventure to save the world and to get back to the usual world begins. There's a whole lot of sub text and plots here with Kegare and Marebito star children (hence the Conception title), various gods and many labyrinthine levels to fight through.

A western release date is TBC, but you'd imagine Spike would want it out pretty quickly while there's still a PSP market left over here.

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