Monday, April 2, 2012

Sony UK spending some change on marketing Vita over Easter

Given Sony America's massive $50million splurge on marketing the Vita (around £30M), its good to see Sony Europe finally putting a number on its UK ad activities. Even if that number is a pretty feeble £1.5 million for some outdoor advertising and newspaper marketing, as reported in MCV over the Easter holidays.

Fair enough, Sony has to get the word out there to people who don't know what one is, but really - will punters rush out to buy a Vita on the basis of a random advert? How about 150,000 "£10 off a Vita" vouchers given away in games magazines (Future or Imagine would lap up any deal). Even if 90% just bin the vouchers that's 15,000 extra sales and Sony can keep the remaining cash.

Any general marketing campaign will be ignored by 99.9% of the public and the .1% who appreciate it are already are into gaming and would like a better deal than the launch-price Vita, which was always an expensive proposition.

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