Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Japan getting new PSP Monster Hunter puzzle game

I'm not sure if Capcom are just taking this piss out of Vita owners now, one of its many recent teases over in Japan has been revealed to be a new Monster Hunter-themed puzzle game featuring the fluffy Feylnes as actors in some kind of falling blocks game.

The game will be a budget-priced affair and comes on the heels of the successful PSP Monster Hunter Diary spin-offs with their cute-overload. On the negative side, it has now been 18 months since Monster Hunter 3 arrived on the PSP and a sequel is now looking overdue for that or the Vita.

With all these sidekick characters getting their own games, I wonder who would win in a battle, Feylnes or Moogles or Prinny? I expect a crossover combat game any week now.

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