Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is this the Vita's first crowd-funded game?

Starlight Inception is a planned title from Escape Hatch (a company founded by a former LucasArt's Star Wars 3D artist) that is going the crowd funding route (via Kickstarter) for launch on the PS Vita and PC. Help fund its development and you could get mugs, tee-shirts, credits in the game and a free copy depending on how much you contribute.

The game is due to be completed for Summer 2013, if gets funded. Starlight has a target of $150,000. With $15 getting you the game, it just needs 10,000 contributors to get finished. Starlight will feature a young space fighter pilot assigned to the star carrier U.S.F. Independence, deploying to hotspots throughout the Solar System during World War IV.

Starlight Inception is described as a realistic and relevant first person, third person free-roaming space combat experience. It has a unique blend of action with an involving storyline. Features include ship-based combat both in space and on planets and moons, interplanetary exploration, and multiplayer dogfighting.

Go on, plump down a few bucks/pounds to help get this done. The game is already up to almost $5,000 but has until May 8th to raise the rest, not sure if Europeans can contribute to Kickstarter, it doesn't seem to like my Amazon account :( UPDATE: Got it to work! It accepts payments from any Amazon account, see Kickstarter's help pages for details if you have trouble.)

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