Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unit 13 sells in Japan, latest Vita sales figures

The PS Vita sold another 10,000 odd units this week in its home country, while the PSP ticks over nicely around the 15-16,000 mark. New release Unit 13 managed to repeat its U.K. sales feat, landing in at No. 15. At least in Japan we can see the sales figures and the game sold over 8,000 - not bad for a brand new and very western game.

Elsewhere, Tales of the Heroes: Twin Braves broke through the 100,000 mark on the PSP, while the budget version of Monster Hunter Freedom 3 goes over the 200,000 mark.

FIFA Worldwide Soccer gets a release tomorrow in Japan along with the well rated Little Busters and Ninja Gaiden Sigma coming next week with New King Story out at the end of the month. Which should keep things running until the inevitable Monster Hunter Vita announcement in April.

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