Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sony Entertainment Network, not entertaining, not a network

As expected, the SEN site is the complete embarrassment. Your first clue is the news page, the latest News is from the 31 August 2011, which demonstrates pretty much how Sony cares about this hip and happening service. Has the company really had nothing positive to say about it in SIX MONTHS.

You have to sign in (or up) differently for the Music, Video and PSN services - IT IS NOT A NETWORK, just a collection of disparate shit services that cling together around a half-arsed brand. Try it, sign in for PSN, hello all my PSN stuff - I'd like some music though, click on Music Unlimited - oh no, you've signed out, please sign in, oh no you need a new account - you need to pay - what the hell????

If you pay for PSN Plus, exactly why should you pay again for streaming media on your media device? Especially when you can just get free Spotify or LastFM, or just pick any iRadio service (especially for Android users that they're also marketing this at). Hasn't Sony seen the massive success of Apple's all-in-one (regardless of if you own an Apple gadget) iTunes thingy?

I'm a big kid, I'm used to multiple accounts and convoluted services, but this new generation is supposed to be better than what we had previously, and this certainly is in no way,  better or even just slightly fixed.

I really don't need this crap, especially with the Vita which is supposed to a next-gen media system. Then there's the Partner services, I understand they have to be different but for Sony to offer a true network it needs to aggregate all the schedules, content and so on from these and put it in one place to make it universally searchable.

If a movie is on iPlayer for free, I'd rather watch it on that then pay for it on Lovefilm and then if I want to listen to the soundtrack, why do I have to slog over to another service. If Sony wants to be in anyway innovative, it has to tie these things together into a proper network.

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