Tuesday, February 7, 2012

PSN becomes SEN, can Sony really offer us an Entertainment Network or is it just marketing guff?

Okay, Sony can call it what they like, my personal favourite would be Sony PlayStation Entertainment Revolution Multiplex. But really, the splodge of stupid services it already has, PSN, that music store pile of crap, the comic book store and whatever you get on Bravia TV sets - if Sony can pull it all in one place, under one icon, fine. But on my devices, its my network and I want it my way.

This is the 2st Century - Sony should be thinking bigger, any "Entertainment Network" should be a single entitiy. I pray it doesn't go the way of the Xbox and its stupidly wide smattering of different entertainment types categories and apps (movies, video, TV (five different apps), music (four different apps), a Polka section, etc). If Sony is going to offer "entertainment", then put it all under one roof, make it deeply embedded and searchable around what the user does.

Sony doesn't have a search engine, but whatever one it uses should be front and center, so the user can enter "Rock Horror Picture Show," "Katy Perry," "Browse ska punk from the 90s" or whatever and get the content they want. I don't want to be pimped the latest crap teen movie, Justin Bieber or books about fishing.

I hope Sony learns that when it promises an "Entertainment Network" it can genuinely deliver one and not some pile of hacked together crap. The trouble is, Sony has a poor track record with entertainment, so I'm not expecting miracles, but now it is promising us this mighty new thing (even though its the old one wrapped up in a new logo - for now), it had better deliver.

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