Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Xperia Play adverts are back, PES 2012 and Kristen Schall get it on

Perhaps it was the breakup between Sony and Ericsson, but there wasn't much happening for the Xperia Play aside from a mild drift of time-limited exclusives. Highlights have been the appearance of OnLive and Grand Theft Auto III But now its just the Sony party, their launch bunny Kristen Schall (check out some of her early XP work) is back showing off her skills on Konami's Pro Evo Soccer 2012

Now all Sony has to do is stock the classic PlayStation store with quality titles, get a wiggle on with some PS2 compatibility and it should have a goer on its hands. There have never been any Xperia Play sales figures that I can find, but the set is now nice and cheap - but approaching its anniversary, you have to wonder if an Xperia Play 2 is in the works.

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