Friday, January 20, 2012

PS Vita Teardown - torn to pieces...

Serious people with a wide range of tiny screwdrivers love taking gadgets to pieces and costing up the parts. UBN has done that with the PSV (note, you have to pay for the full report) and come up with an approximate overall parts list of:

Display and touch components: $50
Other components: $30
CXD5315GG Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore CPU: $16
BB+XCR: $16.25
Non-electronic: $11
Supporting materials: $10
SDRAM: $9.25
NAND: $6
Battery: $3.60
Cameras: $3.50
Wi-Fi/BT/GPS: $3.50

So, roughly $160 or £100 which, of course, doesn't include Sony's massive marketing expenses, research and development costs and so on. Even so, perhaps Sony isn't get such a massive haircut on the hardware units after all. It will certainly rake in lots of cash on the memory cards which cost just a few bucks each and are sold at a decent markup.

What this does mean is that Sony can afford a price cut in 2012, it is just a matter of market pressure on the company to do so. That will come from a poor western launch, continued weak sales in Japan and stores threatening to discount on their own.

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