Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PSP Beats Vita for Japanese Sales

Sony's PSP and PS3 managed to beat the sales of the PS Vita in its second week of sales. Sure the initial enthusiasm will have waned, but even so that's a pretty poor showing for the Vita. Expect a rush of premature calls for a price cut to kick in pretty soon, especially as the 3DS is now approaching half-a-million a week in sales thanks to Monster Hunter.

1. 3DS: 482,200 (367,691)
2. Wii: 91,176 (60,916)
3. PSP: 101,121 (64,468)
4. PS3: 75,943 (65,119)
5. PSV: 72,479 (324,859)

Just remember the handheld has six years to reach the 70-odd million of the PSP, and this is very much a marathon for Sony, not a sprint despite what all the pundits will say.

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