Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fight with touch in Marvel vs. Capcom

It's a natural move for a console with touch sensors, but will it be natural for users? Probably not. Still, Capcom has bolted in the obligatory rear touch panel feature into Marvel vs. Capcom 3. As well as playing multiplayer over WiFi, and watching other matches, they can use Near to exchange gifts and collectibles. But for those who do want to give touch combat a go they can:

  • Move forward/backward by dragging forward/backward
  • Dash forward/backward by flicking forward/backward
  • Duck by dragging down
  • Jump by flicking up
  • Change characters by tapping and holding the icon of the new character
  • Call on assist character by tapping the icon of the assist character
  • Attack by tapping anywhere but the icons
  • Execute your Hyper Combo by tapping the Hyper Combo Gauge

Its possible this might be in some way playable for casual types, but I can't imagine any of the fighting champions using it over their super-speed button reflexes.

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