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Friday, November 25, 2011

What's STILL missing from the PS Vita line-up

Every time Sony has a get together, a few more PS Vita games are added to the line-up, but there is still a bunch of stuff missing. I won't even start on the sick joke that would be Gran Turismo Portable 2  but there are a few serious omissions.

First up, where's Sonic? There were a few suggestions that Sonic Generations was coming to the Vita, but you would think it would have been announced by now. Also, with the new Ace Combat ripping up the skies on PS3 and Xbox, you'd think that they could manage to cram a version into the Vita without too much trouble. Both series got some PSP love, so you'd hope news won't be too long in coming out.

In a similar bracket, but very far apart on the handheld scene are GTA and Saint's Row. The PSP (and even phones) got some GTA respect, but Saint's Row has been firmly on the big screen. With the Vita's power is GTA V a step too far, or how about a Saint's Row Remix bringing the best of the series to the Vita?

I'm pretty sure any unannounced sports games will migrate over in the goodness of time but I'd also expect to see the new SSX game and other extreme sports games making some moves on the Vita. What else is missing from the roster, or would make a good classic comeback from the history of gaming? Let us know.

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