Monday, November 28, 2011

PS Vita memory, its price will be a lasting one

The PS Vita's custom memory cards have been a big annoyance for gamers since their unveiling. Sure, Sony need to make money back on the console. But charging $120 for the 32MB version is really going to cause a ruckus.

Gamestop in the US has listed its prices which are on a par with the Japanese pricing:

  • 4GB - $29.99
  • 8GB - $44.99
  • 16GB - $69.99
  • 32GB - $119.99
While these aren't wildly different to the list prices of current MemorySticks (Amazon has a Lexar 32GB of $159, on-sale for $98), there will be next to no discounts, making them a serious expense for some and a deal-breaker for others.

Of course, you can pick them up in a bundle which will save you a few extras bucks, but only the 4GB version has been sighted in these. At least it will be easy enough to start small and work up, assuming you don't have a mass of PSP games you want to transfer over!

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