Monday, October 17, 2011

Lord of Apocalypse goes all Eye of Sauron, still has crap trading methods

Andriasang has a collection of 31 new images from Square's upcoming Vita RPG Lord of Apocalypse. Smack bang in the middle of most is what looks like a target information system with a passing resemblance to Lord of the Rings' Eye of Sauron.

Unfortunately, the others show off some horrifically generic looking tavern/trader scenes which we really should be getting away from in the next generation of gaming. Fable II had wandering traders, even Resident Evil 4 managed it to a degree. Why should gamers constantly be sent back to base for the rigmarole of trading and buying? It is getting very boring now, someone needs to a more dynamic way of doing this.

How about a Scroll of Trade Portal that opens up a link to the shop? That way, adventurers can offload their unwanted inventory half-way through a run, or pick up that forgotten item, or one they didn't know they needed until point x in the game? So much easier.

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