Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone 4S to Rival PS Vita at gaming?

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 4S yesterday, offering double the processing power and a claimed seven times increase in graphics performance, with a similar graphics processor to the PS Vita. Leading the way for its gaming credentials is the new Infinity Blade II from Epic Games, proving that the device is capable of stunning looking visuals.

However, without controls, it is still hamstrung when it comes to complex game types, you still either need icons everywhere that obscure the view and stabbing fingers can cover essential on-screen action, and there is a clear lack of fine-tuning when it comes to accuracy and control.

But that could change with the use of Siri, iPhone's new voice control system. Imagine games where additional input is done via voice, that'd make for some more interaction - and some silly-looking gamers on trains. In the real world, fighter pilots increasingly use voice control, so its not much of a stretch to see it added to games.

However, aside from Epic and a couple of other titles, its hard to think of anything that stretches even the iPhone 4 after 18 months on sale, so quite what developers will do with this power has to be called into question, especially when most of the money is still in disposable games or ones with in-app purchases.

Spending ages on development of a beautiful world and deep gameplay and only being able to sell it for a few bucks does not seem logical, whereas the PS Vita can happily support expensive games.

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