Monday, October 10, 2011

Corpse Party Lurks onto PSP

The US PlayStation blog has a post from XSEED on the upcoming western version of Corpse Party, pointing out that the game isn't a visual novel-type affair and offers a great deal of gameplay, although no combat, so lots of running away, and scariness to boot. Definitely not one for the children.

"Occasionally, you’ll find yourself being chased by a malevolent spirit (or two, or three), and the game never makes it very easy to get away. You’ll often need the perfect blend of dexterity and innovative thinking to survive these ordeals – not just running for your life, but also trying to find some way of escaping a room that really, really doesn’t want to let you leave. In one such instance, getting caught by your pursuer means being shoved into a shallow grave and slowly buried alive as you listen to one of the game’s strongest characters suffocating and retching under endless shovelfuls of dirt, begging for his life for almost five solid minutes before the last gasp of breath escapes his mouth and the “Wrong End” music plays. Wrong, indeed!"

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