Friday, September 30, 2011

Square Dishes the Stats on PS Vita Pricing and Sizes

Square Enix has shown off its box art for Army Corps of Hell, its launch PS Vita title (more on the game here)and very pretty it is too. There was also some confusion, as one version showed it needed a memory card, while a second put up no such barrier. The truth as dug up by Andriasang is that this title stores your save games on its own card.

The game is priced at ¥4,980 (£41, $65) for the boxed version and ¥3,990 (£33, $52) for the download.

Talking of downloads, Sony has mentioned that PSV downloads over 3G networks will be limited to 20Mb, so most PSN activity will have to be done over your WiFi.

In Japan the 3G option speeds are 128K down, 64K upload on the basic package with three hours of 14Mbits upload and 5.7Mbits download (signal dependent) on the 100 hour package. Who knows what AT&T in the States and is European partners will make of that.

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